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Rustic Pantry


In the oldest room of the winery there lies the Pantry, which enchants and attracts everyone with its marvelous scents. For the guests the traditional products are introduced by little food samples.
If you like one of our products, you can purchase it locally!
The fine tastes of the Pantry can be rediscovered in the classic St Christopher’s Cold Cuts menu.
Special Offer: St Christopher’s Pantry Feast
For a group consisting of minimum 10 and a maximum of 40 person you can now order and give a reception, which will surely provide an unforgettable gastronomical pleasure for every invited guest.
During the feast, in the given 2 hours the guest can eat as much as they please. Lining up on the tables in the Pantry you can find a variety of salami, sausage, bacon, ham, goat’s cheese with special spices, greaves, boiled-smoked knuckles, roasted bacon, pickled and fresh vegetables, jam, honey and oils, all prepared with traditional technologies. The feast will be fully complete with wine tasting and some home-made pulled strudel as dessert.
The following traditionally made products can be tasted in our Pantry.
Traditional Hungarian charcuterie

  • Rustic ham
  • Rustic salami with paprika (mild, hot)
  • Rustic sausage with paprika
  • Bacon of Kolozsvár
  • Winter salami without paprika
  • Uncle Joseph’s crispy greaves
Traditionally made Hungarian homemade cheese
  • Goat’s cheese with unique spices
  • Cow’s cheese with unique spices
Special Hungarian virgin oils made in small manufactures
  • Pumpkin seed oil
  • Poppy seed oil
  • Grape seed oil
Selected flower honey of the Hungarian woods and plains
  • made from the flowers of woods and plains
Home cooked natural Hungarian jams
  • made from the fine fruits of gardens
Rustic Hungarian homemade pickled vegetables
  • from various vegetables

Foglalás / kapcsolat

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