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Event Planning

Event Planning

We undertake the full planning of team-building trainings, family events, parties, anniversaries and weddings.
Friends & Family Events
In case of birthdays, bachelor or bachelorette parties, weddings, anniversaries, etc. the preparations and the search after the perfectly large space often cause a problem. We offer our help to you with our friendly styled rooms, with the thoughtful offers according to the individual needs, taking care of the transfer of guests or providing music and other entertainments.
Company meetings, team-building trainings
For improving and building partner and work relations taking part in a culinary adventure together is the perfect opportunity, especially in a unique environment like the St Christopher’s Winery and Event Pavilion.
The meals and the carefully selected and with brochures equipped wines of our winery perfectly complement each other.
We provide
•    The location
•    A huge variety of drinks and dishes
•    Wine tasting with professional presentation
•    The introduction of the St Christopher’s Rustic Pantry
•    A modern widescreen TV for presentations
•    Additional services (music, shows, horse-drawn carriage, sailing, cruising, etc.)
•    Games for teambuilding
•    winery themed games, for example: wine lottery, wine tasting with a glass “wine thief” (Hungarian wine tasting equipment, traditionally made out of empty, dried calabash), and bottling
•    with the involvement of our cooperating partners we prepared complete event-packs with our best offers, consisting of group activities for more than 10 person (Segway, archery, hiking with guidance and paintball) and of the most popular menus for mealtime


Without any doubt the most important event amongst all the family events, often only called “The Big Day”.
If you are looking for a unique, special location for your wedding day, then the St Cristopher’s Winery and Event Centre located in the near of Kőhegy on the former vineyard in Zamárdi might be your perfect opportunity with its calm, romantic and close to nature environment. With its homely but in the meantime elegant rooms the winery is a perfect choice for a wedding party.


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