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Event pavilion

With varied events and activities in all seasons!
The 250 m2 interior space of the pavilion can accommodate 110-130 person depending on the type of event, and serves as a place for dancing and feasting in summer and winter as well.
The quality serving of our customers is provided by the well-equipped bar.Thanks to the modern and mobile side-construction in the summertime the pavilion works as an open-air entertainment facility and in the winter it can be reconstructed as a closed event room.
The Event Pavilion in recent times proved to be an outstanding location for various events, including parties and concerts. These concerts are held on our 50 m2 stage, where Kocsis Tibi, Kovácsovics Fruzsina, Dankó Szilvia, Szandi, Bódi Guszti és Margó, Bódi Csabi, Dér Heni, Opitz Barbi, Kunu Márió, Bunyós Pityu performed before.
The Event Pavilion is a unique, family-like wedding location. Up to 80 guests can be accommodated here with buffet table serving and a dance floor.


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