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Services we offer


Wines from the
St Christopher’s Winery.

Wine tasting

With professional presentation
for individuals and groups.

Open-View Wine Cellar

Where the old tarnished
cellar walls meet modern design.

Authentic Wine Restaurant

Culinary pleasures in a
harmonious environment.

Rustic Pantry

Taste traditional flavors
reminiscent of the old times.

Event Pavilion

With varied events
and activities in all seasons!

Event Planning

We are ready to plan your
wedding, family event or company meeting.


Have a foretaste of what lies ahead,
take a look at the ongoing and past events.



Zamárdi város

Hotel Família – Zamárdi

Hotel Azúr– Siófok

Mirabella Kemping Zamárdi

Hotel Yacht Siófok

T Flotta Siófok

Segway túrák

Zamárdi Paintball

Zamárdi Kalandpark