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About us

About Us

Szent Kristóf Rustic GastroShop

Come and experience
the traditional flavors of rustic pantries

Wine tasting

With professional presentation
for individuals and groups.


Culinary pleasures in a
harmonious environment.

Event pavilion

With varied events and
activities in all seasons!

Event Planning

Event Planning

Szent Kristóf Garden

Living in harmony
with nature

Szent Kristóf Pincészet, Borétterem és Rendezvényközpont
8621 Zamárdi, Alsó pincesor 4602/1 hrsz.
Telephone:+36 30 335 3553, +36 70 638 2202
E-mail: stkristofevent@gmail.com
Open: Mo-Sun: 12.00 pm - 20.00 pm
In case of group reservations we are open at other times as well .
Prior booking and reservations are recommended.
GPS: 46°52’18.6″N 17°56’20.8″E
Parking lots:
From the Alsó pincesor Street: only for cars and in limited numbers.
From the Széles Csapás Street: big parking lot for cars and buses.
Access to parking lots is through the Székely gate, across the Rétföldi Street.
Attention! The location of the beginning of Széles Csapás Street and the memorial in Google Maps is inaccurate!