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Cold Courses


Cold smoked goose liver with lentil paste and vegetables     3.690 Ft
Traditional Szt. Kristóf Plate     2.490 Ft

(home-made ham, salami, sausage, bacon, cracklings, cooked & smoked knuckles, goat cheese, pickles, fresh vegetables, red onion, horseradish in vinegar, bread)

Vegetarian plate     2.490 Ft

(goat cheeses, cow cheeses, lentil paste, fresh vegetables)

Goat cheese with raspberry-herb jam, acacia honey with walnut and grapes     1.900 Ft
Salty snack     990 Ft

(home-made crackling paste with fried onion rings, bread, and fresh vegetables)




Chicken soup with bouilli, vegetables, and leaf-shaped pasta in a cup / in a pot     890 Ft / 1.290 Ft
Goulash soup in a pot / in a small cauldron     890 Ft / 1.590 Ft
Soup of the day


Main Courses


Grilled chicken breast fillet and fresh salads with a pumpkin seed oil & red wine vinegar dressing     2.490 Ft
Chicken breast in white wine cheese sauce with vegetable rice     2.490 Ft
Roasted knuckles with onion-enriched potatoes     2.790 Ft
Knuckles with fettuccina from Somogy     2.490 Ft

(one-course meal: knuckle stew cooked with strappone, beans, paprika, tomato)

Garlic pork spare ribs with fried bacon and roasted potatol     2.490 Ft
Red wine beef stew with home-made egg barley     2.490 Ft




Fresh lettuce with a pumpkin seed oil & red wine vinegar dressing     690 Ft
Tomato salad with red onion     550 Ft
Home-made mixed pickles     550 Ft




Home-made strudel in Cabernet Sauvignon grapes sauce     1.190 Ft
Milk pie with strawberry ragout     990 Ft



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